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ROI Calculator Tool: Explainer Videos on Landing Pages

Written by João Freitas on 18, January 2018
Not sure about what the ROI of an Explainer is?
We're here to help calculate and predict what your Return on Investment will be.
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Although there are many reasons why you should invest in an Explainer Video, you should always make an informed analysis before investing.
You should also learn about ways to increase the reach of your explainer and make sure that the animation production company that you pick knows why some explainers fail.
Keep in mind, Explainer Videos aren't used only on Landing Pages, they can be used in Social Media, Email Marketing, Sales Calls, Conferences, and even for explaining something to your own teams.
In this tool you'll be able to analyze and predict the impact that investing in an explainer video and adding it to your website's landing pages might have on your sales.
Don't forget - this calculator is designed to show you a simplified prediction of the impact your video will have on the landing pages of your website.
The ROI for an Explainer Video goes far beyond increasing conversions on your website.

Explainer Video ROI Calculator for Landing Pages

1. What is your average gross profit margin?

2. What is your Customer Lifetime Value?

If you don't know what your CLV is you can use your average sale value. 

3. What percentage of your leads turn into sales?


4. How many visitors does your website get per month?


5. How many visitors do you expect to get per month in the future?


6. What is your current conversion rate?

Percentage of Visitors that turn into Leads

7. What do you expect your conversion to be once you have an explainer video on your website?

The average increase is between 15% and 30%.

8. How long will you use your explainer video in months?


9. What is your budget for the production of an explainer video?

Typical cost: $5,000 to $20,000
Remember, a well-produced explainer will mean higher conversion rates.


This is how much additional gross revenue an explainer will bring to your company:

This is your explainer videoʼs Return on Investment:

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