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10 Tips on How to Hire a Video Production Company

Written by João Freitas on 1, February 2018
If you’ve kept up with the trends in digital marketing, you know about the power of video. It is without question the most effective marketing medium of not only the future, but also the present.
According to Forbes, 500 million (that’s half a billion!) people watch videos on Facebook every single day. And that’s only the stats for one platform.
Video is quickly emerging as the dominant marketing trend across websites and social media sites. In fact, by 2021, it has been predicted that over one million minutes (which is almost 17,000 hours) worth of video will be crossing global IP networks each second.
Think about it: this means that per day, a staggering 1,468,800,000 hours of video will be at play.
It isn’t without reason that video is so popular with the public—and consequently, with digital marketers.
Being fit for consumption across all devices, from computers to smaller hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets, video is user-friendly and consumer-focused.
Moreover, videos tend to be more engaging than images and require less energy and effort than reading through text.
Data collected on the influence of video marketing—such as that 83% of video marketers believe it gives them better return on investment (ROI) than other formats or that video marketers achieve 66% more leads and 54% increase in brand awareness—all paint the same picture: that video content is what global audiences are demanding, and that you should be supplying just that to come out ahead of your competitors.
But although perhaps one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, it also matters what ideas and production quality you bring to your videos.
To ensure that your brand does video marketing right, it is crucial to pick the right video production company.
Yes, you could attempt to produce in-house videos and save yourself some added expenses.
But the truth is that most firms have neither the necessary equipment, nor employees with in-depth video production employees available for the job.
Luckily, there are more and more video production companies emerging, so you have plenty of options to pick and choose from.
The expansion of the internet has also made it possible to overcome physical barriers, as companies such as ourselves provide remote digital services.
In this article, we provide tips on how you can choose the video production company that is the right fit for you and your business:


1 - Look at Other Clients

With the rise of video in marketing, it is hardly surprising that businesses providing video production services too are proliferating.
However, what you would ideally seek is a company that has sufficient history with producing professional videos.
Looking over the client list of your prospective choices will give you a clearer sense of where each one stands in the industry.
For example, a company who has worked with noticeable brand names is likely to be more well-versed in creating successful videos.
Or a company who has worked with a variety of organizations across industries is more likely to be able to adapt with different budgets and styles of video.
Having made videos for a range of clients—from Cristiano Ronaldo to Duke University, Tech Companies like ArchDaily and Algolia, and even MultiNationals like Allianz —we here at MezzoLab have the benefit of both.
Sometimes, looking at the client list for a video production company will also help by revealing what values and brand messages it espouses.
Similarly, it can help you conclude whether or not it has sufficient experiencing in producing the level of video you want to use in your marketing.

2 - Evaluate Quality of Work

Sure, a video production company’s client list is a pretty good indicator of its merits.
But it isn’t necessary that a company that has worked with a variety of clients or with some recognizable brand names will be able to provide you with high-quality videos.
To really ensure that you’re on the right track, you should go through examples of the company’s past works.
Most of these companies will have a demo reel on their website for you to get a quick glance of previous completed projects.
Do keep in mind that demo reels are designed to—ahem—reel you in.
To avoid ending up as the fish who took the bait, go a little further to find whole videos throughout the production company’s history so that you can make a more complete evaluation. In particular, focus on more recent projects to see how the company has grown and whether it is applying newer styles and techniques that interest you as a marketer.
Many digital companies provide services that are not limited to just video production, so make sure that your companies of interest have sufficient satisfactory samples of past video projects.
You could find these videos perhaps on their web portfolios, social media platforms, or through a quick Google search.
Also do look for customer reviews and testimonials, since these can give you a far more direct idea not only of the company’s caliber in the industry but also of how easy they are to work with.
If you don’t find samples and reviews online, request them directly from the company before signing a contract!

3 - Find a Company That Has Expertise in What You Need

As a corporation or small business, you clearly should keep off your list video production companies that don’t have marketing experience.
For instance, as lovely as the video samples may be from firms that specialize in events, you can save their number for future weddings and parties.
For your business and its marketing needs, you need a company that already has insights about how to promote products and services through video.
Moreover, organizations in different industries have, naturally, different commercial environments that they operate within.
A goal for marketers is to find a production company that understands the differences as well as—if not better than—they do.
A company that has already created successful wholesome family-oriented videos might be the suitable choice for you if your brand too centers on such values, for example.
On the other hand, you might want a company that has made less emotive, more informative videos if that is the approach your business wants to take.

4 - Compare Quotes

As effective as video marketing is, you do not want to spend more than is reasonable for one project.
Even for the same requirements, different production companies are likely to have varying overhead costs.
It is a smart idea to directly ask each of the companies you’re interested in to explain their operating costs.
Furthermore, most companies will give you an estimated total cost after you discuss your requirements.
Do not hesitate to inquire further if you think certain costs seem impractical.
Additionally, discuss beforehand how liable the estimate is to change over the course of the project.
Once you have received quotes and pricing details from all of the companies you’re interested in, compare them to see which seems most compatible with your budget.
You’re looking for a company that can give you the best value, so don’t shy away from virtual “window shopping” around a bit until you find something in your range.

5 - But Don’t Be Stingy

It is a good idea to compare quotes as we mentioned above, but that doesn’t mean you should throw away all other concerns.
The reason for you wanting to commission a video production company to further your video marketing strategy is because you know that your business does not already have requisite expertise and/or equipment.
Finding a company that has both in adequate quantities and qualities will cost you some money. It might be tempting to hire a person or team that is new to the industry and has drastically lower prices compared to industry specialists.
But you have to consider: does this company have what it takes to make my brand look great and help me sell more?
Will the quality of the video production be something our company will be proud of?
There is so much that professional experience lends to more settled companies that mere knowledge on videography does not.
Remember that a poorly made video is more likely to hurt you than help you.
This report, for instance, illustrates that 62% of viewers with a poor online video experience form a negative perception of the brand and 60% are dissuaded from engaging with the brand across all of its social media channels thereafter.
So don’t compromise on quality, and rest easy because investment in video marketing is bound to give you promising returns.

6 - Discuss Production Assets

One of the most important things in this entire process is understanding what different video production companies do and don’t do.
Many offer full services, which include everything from creative direction to casting.
Think carefully about what services you will require, including details such as animation or location scouting.
When you search for a company, think not only about your immediate video needs but also about marketing plans for the future.
For example, you may only wish to do simple video concepts now but move into more scripted content later on, which might require better screenwriting and production support.
Similarly, think about what design assets you want or may want at some point.
If you want animations heavily featured in your videos, you should settle on a company that has experience creating the level of animations you seek.
Furthermore, you should see if they have the technical expertise to create custom designs rather than use stock characters or have different voice-over options.
By asking about the kind of production and design assets that have been used in the past, you can get a clearer sense of which of your video objectives different companies can meet.

7 - Discuss Timelines

Video marketing requires not only good content and investment but also consistency. 
To keep your audience interested, you have to set deadlines for yourself in which to regularly finish and upload different videos.
But while you may have one set of dates in mind, your video production company may have another.
While very big companies usually have more experience, a drawback is that they are often working on several projects at the same time.
This might mean that your project will not immediately begin as soon as you sign your contract.
Similarly, while it depends on many factors such as the company’s schedule and specializations, both animated videos and live-action videos generally take longer than other formats.
The best way for you to ensure timely project completions is to communicate openly with the company regarding this.
Talk about how long different aspects of the video—such as shooting or editing—will take, and continue contact over the process to make sure everything is on track.
Also discuss beforehand potential setbacks and how you can resolve them so that you can avoid delays as far as possible.

8 - Discuss End-Goals

Good Video Production companies specialize in creating polished, picture-perfect videos.
Great Video Production companies specialize in creating videos that give you good ROI.
While aesthetics are important, what is imperative is that the video works in helping your brand establish itself with its audience.
Whatever your objectives from video marketing—sales, brand recognition, audience interaction, etc.—your video production company should know about them.
It is their responsibility to follow your brief, but it is yours to provide them with a good one.
Ensure that you encapsulate all the messages and values that your business stands for, and articulate how you envision those messages being showcased through video.
Furthermore, also discuss the channels on which you plan to deploy your video post-production, and what demographics you want to connect with.
Communicate openly about what your expectations are from the company so that they can give you the best videos within their capacity.
And check up with them regularly to see if the project is on the right path.

9 - What About After Your Video Is Finished?

So your video is done, and it all looks perfect.
Now what?
Video deployment is a crucial stage in the marketing process, and unless you have all the insights you need, you can do with some additional support at this time.
Before hiring your video production company, ask your prospective picks about what services they can provide once the video is completed.
Aside from videography, creative design, editing, animations, and so on, most companies will also have knowledge about the best ways to launch videos.
For instance, they will know that 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound and that captioning videos will automatically boost SEO by making them more searchable for search engine bots and crawlers.
They will also know that viewers on social media might be looking for shorter videos than those on your website, and that different social media platforms have different optimal lengths for the most effective marketing.
Especially for businesses newer to video marketing, receiving advice and technical support for video deployment can make a world of difference.
Whether or not a production company is willing to extend this kind of help might also be a factor to evaluate when making your decision.

10 - Build a Long-Term Partnership

As we discussed above, video marketing isn’t about making just one video.
You might start from an explainer or two, but as time goes, you have to come up with fresh content that your audience will relate to and appreciate.
If all goes well with the video production company of your choice—and it should if you keep in mind all this points—then you will likely be working alongside them again and again.
Rather than seeking different companies across the board, focus on building a relationship with one company who can fulfill all your video needs.
Doing so will help you maintain some consistency in style and design while also saving you the inconvenience of going through all this research and uncertainty again.
Most importantly, the video production company will have a clear idea of your goals in marketing and can help you add to your brand with every new project.
Once you find the video production firm that you’ve been looking for, communicate with their teams about your visions for the future and how you think their contributions can play a part in it.
That can be the start of a long and prosperous collaboration throughout which a productive exchange of creative ideas and resources can take place.
The superiority of video over other forms of content, at least in terms of effectiveness, is not anymore a matter of contention.
But 64% of marketers see video as the most difficult content to create.
No wonder—it is, after all, a process that requires a lot more concentrated and varied effort than taking a picture or writing up a short promotional article.
However, seeking help from a video production company will make it distinctly easier for you.
And by following the tips above, you can choose the company that suits your needs the best.
Happy video marketing!

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