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30 Great Blogs about Video Marketing

Written by Miguel Capelas on 31, January 2018
We can say without a doubt that today, salespeople and marketers feel a constant pressure to keep abreast of new consumer trends, markets and more efficient ways to achieve results with their communication strategies.

However, this constant task of researching new and valuable information and content can be a terrifying exercise for anyone who is continually navigating the web, monitoring the latest trends that allow us to advance in digital marketing issues.
Video Marketing researching But fortunately, in the universe of information circulating in the network, there is an ideal content format to collect valuable information in a short time and with a surprising clarity of explanation, that is: blogs.
Certainly, at some point already we have all been in some of them looking for relevant and accurate information on various topics like doing do-it-yourself, cooking, assembling pieces, finding the cheapest flights, etc. In fact, the content you are reading right now is exactly... in a blog.

It is a fact that the topics are numerous, and people can get lost with so much supply, but the important thing is that now you have at your disposal a list of trusted blogs specializing in digital marketing that allow you to receive new content, relevant, well written and entertaining daily so you do not feel lost in the complex paths of all the information that abounds on the internet.
video marketing specialized specialistWhen it comes to video, most of us know the effective video content that it uses compared to other forms of content.
But since video is probably just a part of your marketing spend, it's understandable that you may not know everything there is to know about video marketing, briefing, production, analysis, results, etc.
All people and businesses go through the same difficulties, and there are several different moments, those in which a big deal closes, or the best customer "fled" to the competition.
There are also times when our next video marketing movement does not seem to be found anywhere, and it is at these times that we want (and need) a little inspiration.

Inspiration usually comes from the most unexpected sources, and some of us find this in the kitchen, at work, some when running in the woods or singing in the shower, and some use the traditional way of surfing the web for the latest news and tips on blogging video marketing!
Video Mareting InspirationThere are many great blogs that reveal the best-unsecured secrets about making a video work at the level of communication and marketing.
From storytelling, technical tricks, and how to be viral, here are some excellent video marketing blogs that will surely get you started on this investment in the best way!

Blogs List

-Hubspot: This is one of the most complete and fundamental blogs about this subject, the great inbound marketing mentor - Hubspot. On this site you will find e-books, case studies, infographics, whitepapers, successful cases, videos, everything from the most diverse topics on marketing, social networks and digital trends in the area.
-Video Marketing 2.0: A blog with lots of details about video editing, techniques, best practices and tips. It consists on a set of podcasts on the latest trends. Thank you for this gift!
-Vidyard: If you want to stay updated on video strategies, optimization and analysis, here you have a solution and with frequent posts.
-James Wedmore: This is a blog with valuable tips and recommendations on how to highlight your videos, joining YouTube marketing and general video marketing on the Web.
-Think With Google: Yes, Google does not need presentations, but yes, there is a blog dedicated to video! And much of the content unveils this "diamond" that is YouTube and its features and range.
-Neil Patel: Words are missing to describe Neil Patel, a true digital marketing guru. In this personal blog you will find marketing tips, business tips, and various other content content and inbound marketing.
-Distilled: We can say that it's a good marketing blog in general, but you find vast and specific video content only. But there are also other hypotheses like web analytics, SEO and mobile devices, which can also be applied to the constant learning of video.
-Kissmetrics: It is the site of an analytics tool - which can (and should) be applied in video marketing - in this blog you will find various content and information about digital marketing and various other topics such as sales and trends.
-Visually: It's a great platform to open mindsets and show that even a blog that is not video-specific can demonstrate the other side of the marketing application more broadly.
-Wistia: As well as being a video hosting site for companies, Wistia also has a blog full of examples of online video marketing, marketing campaigns management, and video production tutorials. All updated news on these topics can also be consulted.
-Convince and Convert: A variety of topics is what this blog offers us. From digital community management, social media, influencer marketing, content marketing, etc. It's an all-in-one, and we love it!
-Marketing Profs: We introduce another big name in the world of marketing blogs. Although you can find articles on any topic, there is a robust selection of video marketing and strategy, as well as quality podcasts and webinars.
-Unruly: If you are looking to improve the effectiveness of your video, especially a short video, and increase its efficiency using the Social part, the ideal place is this.
-Digitpro: You can access the video marketing strategies of Tony Zohari, who shares his experiences in this space, which includes useful tips for creating professional videos and how to increase sales through video. Among other lessons, you only have to visit if you can find out.
-Vimeo Blog: Good content. Correction: excellent content. The Vimeo blog has useful information for both filmmakers and for marketers and entrepreneurs. The "Video School" section is great for professionals in the area, while the "Business Tips" section focuses on video marketing, promotion and case studies.
-Tubular Insights: You have available a huge amount of resources provided by the staff who collaborate with Tubular Insights. There are no excuses for not taking your video to the next level! Your audience, and you, gain from these improvements. We can not forget that you will also find video news, digital marketing news and even solutions to your most significant problems in audiovisual.
-Will Video for Food: You have content uploaded by Kevin Nalty, who is totally "in love" with the video (thank God!). You can see and learn a huge amount of tips on Youtube, news (also about video marketing, of course), and other cool content as statistics. Yes, those that convince you to follow the path of video marketing ...!
-Magnet Media Films: Magnet Media is an agency of production, optimization and strategy of video production, so you can learn from experts. There is the extra part of the graphic part of the blog to make it quite appealing.
-SproutVideo: In addition to teaching the essentials of video creation and marketing, this blog offers timely tips on the latest video trends (good, right?). And you can take inspiration from the excellent examples shared by Courtney Purchon and the rest of the team
-Buffer: You probably know Buffer because of its easy-to-use social media scheduling app, but what you might not know is that they also regularly provide some useful digital marketing advices. For the latest news on the industry or for recommendations on how to strategically share videos across social media, Buffer is "the" blog.
-Josh Rimer: Ok, are you almost giving up on finding an Youtube marketing expert? Click the link and think again. Among other hypotheses, we point out to Josh, who owns the number one marketing channel for these incredible videos that, hopefully, you start thinking about producing!
-Imagination Media: Another blog where a specialist, in this case Tim Danyo, shares with us tips and advices about content marketing, more specifically about video marketing - a fundamental part of his campaigns. Come on, you are our guests!
-Steve Garfield - There's everything here! It can range from a beautiful meal to technology, but we highlight this blog essentially due to the very useful content on video marketing. It is indispensable for all who want to learn tips, useful shortcuts and production tricks. We can not forget that the shares have all a good amount of humor, even if they teach us in a fun way the technical aspects of this business.
-Social Media Examiner: The basics of video marketing in social media are here. Interviews of influencers and advices from experienced professionals are available. A particularly useful blog for beginners in this topic, mainly because the project team also occasionally writes about new social networking features and video creation tools.
Video BrainTrust: Do you want hundreds of articles, tools and cutting-edge video strategies? Interviews with leading video gurus and technology? Yes, it's here.
-Ignite Social Media: More focused on social networks, this blog presents several interesting and quality content within the scope of digital marketing, mainly related to social networks, but with application in several areas.
-Tim Washer: Like Steve Garfield's blog, here you can also find some lessons given in a fun way, and full of useful resources about video, because there is no shortage of arguments to the author on this topic!
-Business2Community: To describe this blog well we must say that it has general forecasts of video marketing, useful tips, data and insights. You can also check examples of all the do’s in video marketing and what to avoid at all costs. A great place to visit when ideas are missing!
-Monika Rydzewski: Important in this list, no doubt. A site full of interviews, made with media outlets in which Monika shares some of her work in genius marketing video with us. Video is not missing here!
-Tubular Insights Blog: A blog to put on your list if you are improving your knowledge in video marketing. Here you have a true teaching on everything that is related to online video for business. You will not miss information about "how to", type of posts, statistics, the latest trends, ideas and analysis.
We hope this content will be very useful to you. We know that you will still spend a few hours reading everything, but if the information was not good, we did not share it :)

Topics: Explainers, Video Marketing, Startups, Inbound Marketing

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