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9 Advantages of having an Explainer Video if you're a Startup

Written by Miguel Capelas on 15, January 2018
Here they are!

Increasing conversion rates
Explainer Videos Increase Conversions

This is the video marketing era and people watch videos about all sorts of things. According to the latest studies and research, the likelihood of having someone buying a product is much higher if they watch a video that explains how it works and what is purpose is. Thus, this kind of videos can really be helpful when it comes to effectively increase conversion rates.
Maybe for some people it’s surprising to know that a single 60-second video is able to transmit so much information, but it’s a fact! It’s efficient, convenient and a fun way to deliver the needed information to a prospect. 
There are several cases of success of companies who constantly rely on animated videos in their business area, such as Spotify, Dropbox, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Clarifying the product’s purpose

Explainer Videos Product

Sometimes explaining something with a text can be something a bit difficult for prospects to apprehend, as these retain different interpretations from it and, as a consequence, they don’t use the product / service as they should. This results in unhappiness, bad comments and negative reviews on the product, all this because it didn’t work for those people.
Explainers are a full solution for this problem, since they describe exactly the information we want to transmit, starting by establishing a relationship between the spectator and the brand, making him acknowledging the benefits of our relationship in comparison to the others.

Ranking on Google

Explainer Videos Ranking Google

Google’s algorithms were created to give priority to websites which encompass interesting content such as pictures and videos. Websites with static and boring texts don’t rank all that well on Google, being neglected in favor of pages with lots of traffic and a high average time spent on them by users.
If a given brand’s website has, for instance, explainer videos, users will watch them and they will browse the page for a longer period of time, which increases its ranking on Google. It’s proven that most people make purchase decisions online in a very quick and impulsive manner, and this type of videos are a way to capture their attention immediately.

Promoting the brand

Explainer Videos Promotion

By placing an explainer in video hosting websites, like YouTube or Vimeo, this will really increase the chances of expanding the brand’s awareness, because if the explanation and product happen to please the people, these will share it with their friends and relatives, thus promoting our brand.
This is a good way to make the product reach a broader yet more targeted audience, overcoming the efforts that businesses used to do, when they had to exclusively rely on comments made by their customers, “praying” for them to be positive, but lots of times these were totally out of context. Nowadays, with video, consumers spread our message just like the way we want.

Increasing the website’s traffic

Explainer Videos traffic

It’s not necessary to confine the placement of videos solely to our website, we can upload them to YouTube with a link redirecting to our site, for instance (in its notes or description). Those who watch it will see that and, if they happen to enjoy the video, they will visit the page in order to get more info, which will increase the website’s traffic and, as a consequence, it will get a better ranking on Google. 
The explainer thus becomes an essential tool to bring potential stakeholders to our website, having as well the function of partially filtering those who are really interested from the ones who’ll only spend 10 seconds on the site, because it provides essential details to simplify the actual buyer’s decision.


Explainer Videos CTA

Have you ever wished that, just like traffic signs on the road, you could direct your visitors to “that” specific part of your website? If so, this is the way to do it.
Basically that’s the function of a call-to-action in an explainer video. This is the great opportunity to convert a visitor into a lead because it drives him to our website or to a specific section of it, thus initiating the customer’s acquisition process or his interest in a product.
Other ideas are sentences like “Sign up our newsletter”, “Fill our form” or “See this week’s discounts”, they are simple and effective.

Improved chances of being noticed

Explainer Videos Attention

Who doesn’t like entertainment or being entertained for a few minutes? And if that same entertainment transmits our message? Even better.
Our mind associates animated videos to entertainment simple because it takes us back to the good old times of cartoons. That’s the reason why our brain tells us: “watch this”. And we do!
Unlike recorded videos, because the vast majority of TV ads are based on this style which immediately, and unintentionally, makes us associate them with advertising, something that made us lose so many hours of our life.

Easier changes

Explainer Videos Changes

All customers, illustrators and animators have already thought the following: what if I don’t like the final result? There’s a chance of having this happening and you’ll want to change that.
As you can imagine, video reviews can be a struggle when it comes to rescheduling them, because we have to book again the space/location, we have to call the actors and the crew, all this depending on their availability. The conclusion: high expenses and a great headache. 
With explainer videos, the content edition is easier. The illustrator will be ready to make some changes to the images and the motion designer can do the same with the character’s expressions and movements, and some other subtle corrections can be made in order to perfect the video.
Needless to say, the logistics of both are incomparable.

Freedom to present things just like you’ve imagined 

Explainer Videos Imagination

A motion graphic animation video will give us the freedom to outline a strategy just like we’ve imagined, whilst explain our product using customized illustrations, visual metaphors or animated graphics, which help our audience to reach the message and understand how the product can meet their needs.
In its turn, videos with a real recording process don’t reach this type of customization, because lots of times they involve actors and scenarios that are assembled to provide the proper context to a given product. All this perfect assemblage brings enormous costs and that’s a huge disadvantage.
In other words, explainers give us the chance to create and adapt the graphics and the story in a captivating, creative and impressive way, when seen from our target’s point of view, making them to engage with the brand.

Tone Continuity

Explainer Videos Universal Language

Sales teams are important, of course, but they have their state of mind, which varies according to the moment and disposition, to different kinds of speech, and they are not always able to encompass the audience in their words.
Explainer videos don’t have this problem. They have a language that is universally understood, making them a vehicle that quickly reaches the world’s four corners, on any day at any time, carrying the message that we want through the mean we prefer: email, website, social network platforms, apps, among others.
The best thing is that while the company gets a rest to get the proper strength to face another day, explainers are working, fulfilling their role, explaining in a clear, pleasant and precise way the message, again and again and again…

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