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8 Reasons To Use Explainer Videos

Written by Miguel Capelas on 15, January 2018
One of the latest market trends is using explainer videos, short videos that present companies with a product or service associated with them, aiming to solve the problems of its customers. They can be short and abide by a more informal and nonchalant strategy, but don’t underestimate the way through which these videos can, and are, conquering the internet, being able to increase the profit of companies. And we will disclose you the reasons why:


1. It quickly explains what your company does
Explainer Videos Explanation

The explainer video is a great way to present your company and products, in a simple and effective manner.
Nowadays, companies have increasingly less time to impress their customers, and there’s no margin for errors or misunderstandings. By relying on animated videos, of short length and easy interpretation, the companies are able to show in what way their products work and how relevant they are for their customers, helping them to understand what the company can do for them in comparison with its competitors. 
Through explainer videos, the more conventional companies are finally able to achieve the online notoriety which they need, as well as allowing startups to boost their business in a more quickly and effective manner.
There is not a better way to present a product to consumers than the video, particularly if it portrays something innovative, different from everything we’ve seen before. Even technical products or mobile apps can be easily understood by the audience, with a video.
Startups can then, in a couple of minutes, present the way that their product works, relying on a method which viewers can really understand.
Users are becoming more demanding towards the information that is made available to them, thus it’s getting more difficult for companies to retain the attention of their audience when using more conventional methods, such as a website that displays motionless information. In addition to that, a single text can allow several interpretations depending on the person who’s reading it. The explainer videos ease that work, illustrating the usefulness of a certain product or service, helping the companies to have a better connection with their audience.
Moreover, they make possible to present complex subjects in a way that is simpler and easier to understand, particularly when one wants to provide lots of information but has a limited amount of time available to do it.

2. Video is a lot more engaging than textExplainer Videos Increase Interest

When you see a paged loaded with lots of words do you read everything?
Right, your customers don’t do it either.
Usually, that drives consumers away, as they want to quickly understand a product and buy it right there.
The explainer videos smooth the reading and comprehension, because one doesn’t have to read entire and boring pages to understand what the product is all about. Time and work are thus saved.
There is not a quicker and more effective way to attract the attention of customers than explainer videos.
The transmission of visual information based on images and fluid animations, followed by dynamic sounds, are the ideal combination to ensure that the content is easily memorized and understood, spiking the interest and motivating the viewers to know more about the presented products.
One of the most important aspects of the explainer videos is that these usually tell a story: they create characters and scenes to show to the viewers what happens in apparently common situations, capturing the interest and attention of those who view it.The majority of the information that is transmitted to the brain is visual. The human brain is good when it comes to process information presented by visual means. 
By presenting an explainer video, your customers will not only understand the business offering, but they’ll also remember the resources and key benefits of your product!
You will then be able to provide all the information that you want to share through a mean that will remain for a long time in the mind of your viewers, something that can effectively be reflected in purchases.

If your company is a new one in the market, an explainer video can be the best starting point to boost your business, because people will want to know more about the news of your startup. By using creative animation, fun music, or interesting depictions, one can say lots about what makes his company unique. 

3. It increases organic search results
increase seo visits.gif

It is known that obsolete websites, with endless pages full of text, are the ones who rank the worst in Google, which means less exposure.

An explainer video can be helpful to increase the SEO and Google results, as search engines put much more emphasis on video conversion.
The videos have also a higher chance of appearing on the first page of a Google search. Search engines are more likely to show pages which have a great mishmash of text, images and video.
Thus, having a thumbnail of your video on the first page of search engines improves significantly the organic search rankings. 

Internet users will also spend more time on your website if you have a video to show them!

4. It builds trust with your target
Explainer Videos Trust

A well-produced video, with a solid script and engaging visual effect, is one of the most effective ways to capture the immediate attention of the target audience.
By choosing the video, companies are able to express their key messages in a much more effective and clear way, making the viewers empathize and trust the presented solutions.
Explainer videos then contribute to raising the audience’s comprehension level, because they clearly present the advantages and characteristics of the product, and the way the product can be used to solve a particular problem or fulfill a need.
By viewing the video, your target audience will identify itself with the problems and hardships, and will automatically be interested in finding out the mentioned solutions.
Knowing that the company actually gets the problem leads to a higher chance of increasing the audience’s conversion rate.

5. Increase the traffic and time spent on your webpage 

Explainers Videos TrafficThe attentiveness that the consumers have is very short, thus, the visitors seldom spend that much time in websites loaded with excessive information.
What customers need is a mean which gives them all the information they are looking for in just a matter of seconds.

Videos are one of the best ways to generate traffic on a website.
Videos find their way to reach the audience because they are more likely to be shared by their viewers on social media platforms, opening the window to become “viral”.

Startups, by publishing a video on their landing page, will surely increase the web traffic.
With a good explainer video, the likelihood of growing companies being able to turn some content into a viral one, which allows the word about their business to be spread everywhere, is substantially greater.

The explainer video is able to catch the viewer’s initial attention and, right next, it quickly provides precise information on the product, which allows the customer to make trustful decisions.
In the other hand, explainer videos can be a great way to draw the attention of media, with these meeting your company and understanding what it actually does, thus increasing the number of content-spreading platforms.

6. It converts viewers into customers

Explainer Videos ConversionIn most cases, a person takes in average less than a minute to make a purchase decision.
An explainer video is able to draw the customer’s attention immediately. It doesn’t matter what the marketing goal is, the video will make it more reachable.
The consumers are more likely to understand the product’s benefits, and this is a hard conquest to reach if you happen to rely on more traditional marketing methods.

Having an explainer video embedded in a website increases not only the attention of prospects, but also the time spent on the website by the visitors.
And the longer they are on the website, the greater the chances of having them signing up for “free trials” or newsletters will be.

Explainer videos provide as well an excellent opportunity for startups to convert their webpage visitors into real customers.
Through the number of views you are also able to increase the product’s popularity, which, in the long run, will be reflected in sales.

7. Easily shareable 

Explainer Videos Shareable
Unlike text pages, videos are easily shareable. And this is a huge advantage: an explainer video doesn’t have to be confined to a website, it can be shared!

The best thing about online videos is that they can be easily shared, especially on social media networks.
Actually, there are social network websites, such as YouTube and Vimeo, which are dedicated to video hosting, having useful tools that provide the opportunity to upload videos and use keywords.
All this increases the message’s reach in mass markets.

People also have a bigger tendency to share and view videos online than they have to read text blocks on a website.
If customers like your product, they’ll share the video with those who belong to their contact network, and if these enjoy it as well, they will likely share it with their networks as well, and so on.
This is the magic of word-of-mouth, one of the most powerful marketing tools, which is still one of the main methods that companies have to attract customers.

Since it is easily shareable, it’s highly beneficial for startups, as they are able to promote their business and increase their visibility in a way that is simple and low cost.

8. Customers can see the solution in action

Explainer Videos SolutionBeyond explaining an idea or an innovative concept, explainer videos have the advantage of displaying what the company knows about the reality of its target audience, that it understands the problem and, above all, that it presents a solution which is able to solve it, standing out among the competition.

Displaying how the product or service work adds a lot to the credibility.
By understanding the problems of its customers, the company is really showing how their services can embody the systems and process in a way that customers get fascinated with its potentialities.

This characteristic is particularly relevant for startups, because they need to build trust with their customers.
An explainer video helps one to learn more and have a greater trust in the company, thus significantly increasing the conversion rates.

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